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Welcome to Hera Hotel

Traveling In Time...

Hera Hotel, completely renovated in 2021, is opening its doors to provide its valued guests with a comfortable holiday experience.

Like the goddess Hera, who remained undefeated even by Zeus, the symbol of power, spreading the vibrant colors of spring across the world and enduring since the inception of time.Journeys through time begin now. Hera Hotel...

Hera Hotel
Enjoy Kaş


Hera Hotel


Wellness & Spa

The unique concept of the SPA brings together various well-being methods from different regions around the world. Taking you on a journey encompassing Europe, America, and Asia, it enables the restoration of health, fitness, aesthetics, and beauty through the healing power of water.

Restaurant & Bar

At Hera Hotel, there are splendid restaurants offering delicious meals, featuring not only world cuisine but also Turkish delights and modern European favorites. The hotel's bars provide everything from morning coffee to sunset cocktails.

About Kaş

About Kaş

In Kaş, an endless sea awaits you. Quiet, blue, and boundless... In the distance, two fish are playing, on the other side, a diver is heading towards the deeper caves. Kaş, one of the still unspoiled towns of the Mediterranean, is a charming harbor town located along the coastline stretching from Antalya to Fethiye. Positioned where the steep slopes of the Taurus Mountains meet the sea, Kas is surrounded by peninsulas, islets, and its neighbor, the island of Meis.


Boat Tour

The majority of local and foreign tourists who visit Kaş join boat tours and explore the sunken city of Kekova Island and the natural beauties at certain points. The departure point of all boats is Kaş Port.


Kaş, one of the most famous diving centers worldwide, attracts many instructors who prefer to provide their services due to its suitability for diving.


Kaş Paragliding Organization is an ideal spot for those who want to experience flights from a height of 650 meters. It offers a view of the Meis Island over the blue waters, starting from the slopes of Mount Asas. The duration of flights varies between 20 to 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions.


Kaş Canyon Tours, Saklıkent Canyon, forming the border between Antalya and Muğla, is created by the erosion of faults by water. It is the longest canyon in Turkey and the 3rd longest and deepest canyon in the world. It has a length of 18 kilometers and consists of narrow passages surrounded by rocks. The average height is 200 meters.

Canoeing In The Sea

Kaş Canoe Tour is known as a kayak developed for the purpose of rowing sport. It is one of the enjoyable activities in open waters such as the sea and lakes.

Jeep Safari

To explore nature and history, one of the best options is to embark on a jeep safari journey. Kaş, with its natural formations, has become an ideal destination for jeep safari adventures.

Mountain Biking

Toros Mountain bike tour, cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the unique beauty of the Taurus Mountains..


Kaş Horseback Riding Training is an activity held on Patara Beach, adding a different dimension to the region.

Lycian Way Trips

With its nature and unique scenery, the Lycian Way is one of the top 10 hiking trails in the world. It allows you to be mesmerized by natural beauties and embark on a journey into the past while walking among historical ruins. Starting from Hoyran or Demre is recommended. It is evident that it greatly impresses both local and foreign tourists who visit.